Oak Hill Cemetery

This list is not a complete list of the 20,000+ burials, but those who have lineages and attached photos at Our Family Tree.

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Arthur W. Fairfax Arthur W. Fairfax 18441920Lucy J. Arundel
Elizabeth Finch Elizabeth Finch 15 DEC 179620 OCT 1844William Cannon Shields
Anna Maria Fisher Anna Maria Fisher 14 APR 18259 FEB 1901Hilleary Lyles Offutt
Mary Eliza Fitzhugh Mary Eliza Fitzhugh abt 181823 AUG 1882Hezekiah Magruder
Elizabeth Jane Forbes Elizabeth Jane Forbes 1 JAN 180824 JAN 1859Robert Beale
Agnes Freeland Agnes Freeland 29 OCT 179713 MAY 1824George Peter
Sarah Norfleet Freeland Sarah Norfleet Freeland 5 DEC 180516 DEC 1846George Peter
Edith Fry Edith Fry abt 1888William Edmonston Pearson
Charles Ashmead Fuller Charles Ashmead Fuller 18941982Judith E. Norment
Elizabeth Fuller Elizabeth Fuller 18991905
Evelyn Schuyler Fuller Evelyn Schuyler Fuller 18971915
Thomas J. D. Fuller Thomas J. D. Fuller 18931985
Thomas J. D. Fuller Thomas J. D. Fuller 18701946Elizabeth A. S. Norment
Thomas James Duncan Fuller Thomas James Duncan Fuller 18081876Elizabeth ___
William D. Fuller William D. Fuller abt 183711 MAR 1886
Margaret Clare Gantt Margaret Clare Gantt 2 NOV 18499 JUN 1928Murray Addison
Ella Gartrell Ella Gartrell 18601939George W. R. Stokes
Fannie O'Neal Gartrell Fannie O'Neal Gartrell APR 18621936George Robert Israel
Thomas Sewall Gartrell Thomas Sewall Gartrell 18381905Estella Mary ___
Eliza Lavinia Gassaway Eliza Lavinia Gassaway 8 JUN 183511 MAY 1909George Peter
Jane Alice Gassaway Jane Alice Gassaway 8 JUN 183524 JAN 1904Alexander Scott Peter
Elizabeth Gilliss Elizabeth Gilliss 8 MAR 18099 MAR 1894William Balch Todd
Harriet Gloyd Harriet Gloyd 8 FEB 180021 NOV 1857Sampson Simms
Mary Jane Godey Mary Jane Godey abt 18411902Worthington Dorsey
Harriet Goldsborough Harriet Goldsborough 18625 JUL 1892
Hugh Allen Goldsborough Hugh Allen Goldsborough abt 181814 JAN 1890Ellen Ray
Lucy Goldsborough Lucy Goldsborough abt 186424 AUG 1918George E. Hunt
William Goldsborough William Goldsborough 183620 FEB 1884Marion Virginia Sinclair
Florence Gootee Florence Gootee 9 JUL 186925 FEB 1942Henry Wooten Offutt
Edward Pickrell Green Edward Pickrell Green 18851928
Charlotte B. Griffith Charlotte B. Griffith abt 179428 JUN 1875Decius Edmonston
George Franklin Gulick George Franklin Gulick 18351901Mary Adelaide Drury
John H. Gulick John H. Gulick 18681934
John Story Gulick John Story Gulick 14 MAY 18166 NOV 1884Elizabeth Milligan
Mary Elizabeth Gulick Mary Elizabeth Gulick 11 APR 186210 APR 1908
William Brooks Gurley William Brooks Gurley 8 AUG 184310 FEB 1915Elizabeth Howard Shields
Martha Jefferson Hackley Martha Jefferson Hackley 16 NOV 182417 FEB 1895Richard Dominicus Cutts
Alexander Burton Hagner Alexander Burton Hagner 13 JUL 182630 JUN 1915Louisa Harrison
Daniel Randall Hagner Daniel Randall Hagner 19 JUL 182914 MAR 1893
Frances Randall Hagner Frances Randall Hagner 25 OCT 181318 SEP 1902
Francis Randall Hagner Francis Randall Hagner 19 FEB 18737 JUL 1940
John Randall Hagner John Randall Hagner 26 MAR 181113 DEC 1856Louisa Smith
Peter Valentine Hagner Peter Valentine Hagner 28 AUG 181611 MAR 1893Susan Payton
Randall Hagner Randall Hagner 21 SEP 187926 JUL 1937Marguerite Colton
Thomas H. Hagner Thomas H. Hagner 22 SEP 184826 NOV 1849
Eliza Hall Eliza Hall abt 180727 DEC 1865Samuel Duvall
William Brecht Hanback William Brecht Hanback 9/2/19109/27/1991Hazel Marie Smallwood
William Dunaway Hanback William Dunaway Hanback 24 SEP 188321 JUN 1979Christine Duvall
Adelaide J. Harington Adelaide J. Harington 17 APR 182726 JAN 1914William Van Horne Brown
Susan A. Harkness Susan A. Harkness abt 1800APR 1859Robert M. Harrison
Henry C. Harmon Henry C. Harmon abt 18337 OCT 1892Martha F. Harmon
Martha F. Harmon Martha F. Harmon abt 184123 JAN 1914Henry C. Harmon
Robert M. Harrison Robert M. Harrison OCT 1793DEC 1869Susan A. Harkness
Ethel Harryman Ethel Harryman 18781939William Henry Dorsey
Susan Hart Susan Hart 21 SEP 182913 APR 1900William Shields
John Stoddert Haw John Stoddert Haw 24 JUL 176911 SEP 1832Mary Anne Penn
Lucinda Stoddert Haw Lucinda Stoddert Haw 11 NOV 180016 JAN 1884Henry C. Matthews
Mary Ann Haw Mary Ann Haw 5 FEB 180822 JUL 1833Philip T. Berry
Caroline R. Heath Caroline R. Heath abt 182119 FEB 1882Robert Perley Dodge
James P. Heath James P. Heath 21 DEC 177712 JUN 1854Jane ___
John Hemphill John Hemphill 16 OCT 189227 SEP 1962
John James Hemphill John James Hemphill 25 AUG 184911 MAY 1912Elisabeth Sulivane Henry
Elisabeth Sulivane Henry Elisabeth Sulivane Henry 19 JAN 187026 DEC 1964John James Hemphill
Joseph Henry Joseph Henry 26 JUL 179613 MAY 1878Harriet Alexander
Buchanan Hill Buchanan Hill 18 JAN 18781964Marion Strauch
Charles S. Hill Charles S. Hill 6 AUG 18386 JAN 1895Fannie Phillips
Ellen Corcoran Hill Ellen Corcoran Hill 18 MAY 187629 AUG 1891
Helen M. Hill Helen M. Hill 13 DEC 185015 MAR 1918Buchanan Beale
Stephen Prescott Hill Stephen Prescott Hill 7 APR 180615 SEP 1884Martha Ellen Corcoran
Christine Hinds Christine Hinds 15 AUG 184529 FEB 1916James Noble Tyner
Samuel Hooper Samuel Hooper 18081875
James Herron Hopkins James Herron Hopkins 3 NOV 183217 JUN 1904Anna Margaret Schissler
Katharine Virginia Hopkins Katharine Virginia Hopkins 187216 OCT 1941
Albert W. Howard Albert W. Howard 29 JUL 188428 MAY 1960Helen M. Birch
Clement Howard Clement Howard 12 AUG 184511 MAY 1907Addie Malvina Lutz
Anna Howell Anna Howell 4 MAR 18544 FEB 1935Henry D. Cooke
Charles Hume Charles Hume abt 18725 AUG 1931
Mary Hume Mary Hume MAR 18801935Frederick Clinton Baird
Rawlins Hume Rawlins Hume 8 JUL 18781 AUG 1928
Thomas Levi Hume Thomas Levi Hume 18 NOV 18737 OCT 1945
Thomas Levi Hume Thomas Levi Hume 24 OCT 183823 OCT 1881Annie Graham Pickrell
Laura Serena Humphreys Laura Serena Humphreys 6 SEP 18303 SEP 1904Henry David Cooke
George E. Hunt George E. Hunt abt 185414 JUN 1913Lucy Goldsborough
William Henry Hunt William Henry Hunt 12 JUN 182327 FEB 1884Elizabeth Augusta Ridgely
Lucy Hunter Lucy Hunter 17 JUL 1786Sylvester Churchill
Lucy P. Hunton Lucy P. Hunton 17971828Richard Brooke Maury
Dr Laurence M. Hynson Dr Laurence M. Hynson 6 FEB 187913 SEP 1953
Nathaniel T. Hynson Nathaniel T. Hynson 14 APR 184814 APR 1918Lucy W. Tiffey
George Gartrell Israel George Gartrell Israel 17 MAR 1887JAN 1970Margaret G. ___
William James William James abt 180024 JUL 1845Mary Washington
Alice Julia Janes Alice Julia Janes 26 APR 185222 MAY 1887Thomas Lawrence Cropley
Sarah Johns Sarah Johns 1 OCT 17777 OCT 1823David Peter
Rebecca J. G. Joliffe Rebecca J. G. Joliffe 17 JAN 182918 MAY 1910Thomas Henry Matthews
Caroline Jones Caroline Jones 26 DEC 18942 OCT 1965Armistead Peter
Rebecca A. Jones Rebecca A. Jones abt 184226 MAR 1885Richard L. Cropley
William Jones William Jones abt 179025 JUN 1867Sarah Corcoran
Mary Judson Judson Mary Judson Judson 14 JUL 18769 AUG 1918
Leah A. Kendig Leah A. Kendig 18551941Dorsey Clagett
Beverly Kennon Beverly Kennon 17 APR 179324 FEB 1844Brittania Wellington Peter
Martha Custis Kennon Martha Custis Kennon 18 OCT 184318 AUG 1886Armistead Peter
Linden Kent Linden Kent 26 DEC 18464 OCT 1892Leita Montgomery
Cora Beale Key Cora Beale Key 18871976
Elizabeth Forbes Key Elizabeth Forbes Key 3 SEP 188312 NOV 1914Guy Birdsong
Philip Barton Key Philip Barton Key 12 APR 175728 JUL 1815Anne Plater
Thomas Key Thomas Key 28 MAY 189116 JAN 1892
William Wallace Kirby William Wallace Kirby 21 MAY 182726 APR 1905Virginia Beers
Mary Kurtz Mary Kurtz 25 APR 185727 JAN 1902Benjamin Mackall