Oak Hill Cemetery

This list is not a complete list of the 20,000+ burials, but those who have lineages and attached photos at Our Family Tree.

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Sarah Ann Wager Sarah Ann Wager abt 180821 DEC 1881Noah H. Swayne
Edith James Wallach Edith James Wallach 16 APR 187011 OCT 1950
Louisa Brown Wallach Louisa Brown Wallach 22 JAN 185716 JAN 1862
Richard Wallach Richard Wallach 18671929
Richard Wallach Richard Wallach 5 APR 18164 MAR 1881Rosa Brown
Rose Douglas Wallach Rose Douglas Wallach 18781947
Annie Lenora Walling Annie Lenora Walling 18651904William James Beall
Anna Louisa Washington Anna Louisa Washington 18361885Walter Dorsey Davidge
Benjamin Washington Benjamin Washington 4 SEP 189729 JAN 1926
Eleanor Ann Washington Eleanor Ann Washington 30 OCT 182213 APR 1849
George Corbin Washington George Corbin Washington 20 AUG 178917 JUL 1854Eliza Beall, Ann Peter
John Washington John Washington 9 AUG 185229 SEP 1931
Llewellyn Washington Llewellyn Washington MAY 1830JUL 1902
Mary Washington Mary Washington 1 JUN 180212 JUN 1869William James
Richard Conway Washington Richard Conway Washington 22 MAR 1804Sophie May Robert
Rose Washington Rose Washington 18441921Albert Aston
Sophie Washington Sophie Washington 20 MAR 183911 AUG 1872Samuel Eliot Middleton
Charles Joyce Waters Charles Joyce Waters 18771984
Florence Waters Florence Waters 18601863
George Waters George Waters 1 DEC 180714 JUN 1873Ann H. Mitchell
Georgie A. Waters Georgie A. Waters 5 AUG 18496 SEP 1872Walter T. Wheatley
Guy Perinchief Waters Guy Perinchief Waters 18781880
Helen May Waters Helen May Waters 1 MAY 18851954
John Mitchell Waters John Mitchell Waters 18371902Mary Catherine Myers
Joseph Clagett Waters Joseph Clagett Waters 18541890
Joseph Gerard Waters Joseph Gerard Waters 18261910Martha Clagett
Marion Waters Marion Waters 18411906Walter Scott Chew
Rebecca Waters Rebecca Waters 18711873
William Henry Waters William Henry Waters 18801948
Mary E. Watkins Mary E. Watkins abt 182412 NOV 1897Adolphus H. Pickrell
William B. Webb William B. Webb 17 SEP 182513 MAR 1896Emily Randall
Elizabeth Webster Elizabeth Webster 8 AUG 181924 JAN 1855John D. McPherson
Frances Weems Frances Weems 4 MAR 18264 FEB 1907John D. McPherson
John Donald Weems John Donald Weems 3 MAY 188023 MAR 1917
Juan Crumpton Weems Juan Crumpton Weems 3 MAY 18433 AUG 1929Rebecca McPherson
Laura Adelaide Welch Laura Adelaide Welch 18491945James Polk Willett
Edward J. Weld Edward J. Weld 29 JAN 18601910Margaret Mackall
William Kemper West William Kemper West 24 APR 188417 APR 1911Helen Margaretta Beale
Charles Wheatley Charles Wheatley 18391898
Francis Wheatley Francis Wheatley abt 181023 OCT 1883Caroline Moreland
George Cashell Wheatley George Cashell Wheatley 11 OCT 185324 SEP 1880
Martha Virginia Wheatley Martha Virginia Wheatley 28 SEP 183117 OCT 1858William A. Taylor
Samuel Ederie Wheatley Samuel Ederie Wheatley 18442 JUN 1900Jane H. ___
Walter T. Wheatley Walter T. Wheatley OCT 184629 JUL 1919Malvina Dougal, Georgie A. Waters
Edward Douglas White Edward Douglas White 18451921Leita Montgomery
Joseph Benson Will Joseph Benson Will 23 APR 182919 OCT 1881Alice Crandall Beall
Llewellyn Beall Will Llewellyn Beall Will MAY 1880MAY 1880
James Polk Willett James Polk Willett 27 NOV 184430 SEP 1899Laura Adelaide Welch
Marinus Willett Marinus Willett 179228 SEP 1863
Balch Beall Wilson Balch Beall Wilson JUN 1872Carrie Heath Dodge
Violetta Sprigg Wilson Violetta Sprigg Wilson 30 JUN 190116 AUG 1975
Dixie Winsor Dixie Winsor 3 JUN 186031 OCT 1936Magruder Willson Offutt
Sarah Worrall Sarah Worrall 28 JAN 18709 DEC 1916Charles Francis Judson
Catherine Worthington Catherine Worthington 6 JUL 17915 JUN 1868Joseph Pearson
Charles Worthington Charles Worthington 9 OCT 175910 SEP 1836Elizabeth Booth
Charles G. Worthington Charles G. Worthington 17 APR 179317 OCT 1793
John Griffith Worthington John Griffith Worthington 6 JAN 179816 SEP 1875
Mary Hood Worthington Mary Hood Worthington abt 1812Presley W. Dorsey
Nicholas W. Worthington Nicholas W. Worthington 10 NOV 178815 JUL 1849
William M. Worthington William M. Worthington 31 MAR 179622 FEB 1842