Oak Hill Cemetery

This list is not a complete list of the 20,000+ burials, but those who have lineages and attached photos at Our Family Tree.

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Lucy Lee Saunders Lucy Lee Saunders 28 APR 18607 JAN 1892Henry Wooten Offutt
Harriet H. Sawyer Harriet H. Sawyer 9 APR 180314 DEC 1886John Marbury
Anna Margaret Schissler Anna Margaret Schissler MAY 1849James Herron Hopkins
Ann Elizabeth Schreiner Ann Elizabeth Schreiner abt 18104 FEB 1880Robert White Middleton
Mary E. Scior Mary E. Scior JAN 185815 JUL 1941Thomas O. Lyddane
Elizabeth Scott Elizabeth Scott 23 JUL 17442 NOV 1821Robert Peter
Julia Frances Shaaf Julia Frances Shaaf 18281882Richard Tilghman Brice
Anne C. Shields Anne C. Shields abt 183317 JAN 1900Chastain C. Meador
Lela Cannon Shields Lela Cannon Shields 2 FEB 187016 APR 1883
Margaret E. Shields Margaret E. Shields abt 182531 DEC 1913
Mary Shields Mary Shields abt 183028 MAR 1916
Virginia Shields Virginia Shields abt 183312 FEB 1910
William Shields William Shields 16 JUN 18264 APR 1880Susan Hart
William Cannon Shields William Cannon Shields 11 FEB 17902 SEP 1855Elizabeth Finch
Elizabeth Ann Simms Elizabeth Ann Simms 20 JAN 18244 AUG 1867Horatio Beall
Sampson Simms Sampson Simms abt 17946 MAY 1862Harriet Gloyd
W. H. Simms W. H. Simms 26 DEC 181612 SEP 1891
Charles Augustus Simpson Charles Augustus Simpson 12 AUG 18829 DEC 1939Elizabeth Darlington
Marion Virginia Sinclair Marion Virginia Sinclair 183727 FEB 1916William Goldsborough
Enos Ayers Skillman Enos Ayers Skillman NOV 1833DEC 1917Alice Middleton
Wesley Middleton Skillman Wesley Middleton Skillman 18791951Fannie Hull Burnett
Sarah Arabella Slough Sarah Arabella Slough 18581917John Holmes Magruder
Hazel Marie Smallwood Hazel Marie Smallwood 9/19/19183 NOV 2005William Brecht Hanback
Elizabeth Ringold Smith Elizabeth Ringold Smith 24 MAR 181523 FEB 1899Robert Smith Chew
George Williamson Smith George Williamson Smith abt 182527 DEC 1925Mary Susanna Duvall
Helen Margaretta Smith Helen Margaretta Smith 18 DEC 181625 AUG 1861
Louisa B. Smith Louisa B. Smith 18 DEC 181820 FEB 1899
Richard Smith Richard Smith 18 MAY 178629 MAR 1864Covington Mackall
Elizabeth Somerville Elizabeth Somerville 8 FEB 179829 AUG 1836John Marbury
Ann Spencer Ann Spencer 10 JUN 183118 OCT 1901Alexander Matthews
Sally Sprigg Sally Sprigg 27 MAR 181211 FEB 1895William Thomas Carroll
Samuel Sprigg Samuel Sprigg abt 17831855Violetta Lansdale
Edwin M. Stanton Edwin M. Stanton 19 DEC 181424 DEC 1869Ellen Hutchison
Eleanor A. Stanton Eleanor A. Stanton 9 MAY 185726 SEP 1910James Clark Bush
James H. Stanton James H. Stanton 17 OCT 186110 JUL 1862
Henry Stark Henry Stark abt 182023 JUL 1865Emma Beverley Randolph
Mary Stevens Mary Stevens abt 18551917Alexander Beall
Mary Anna Stevens Mary Anna Stevens 18424 FEB 1910William T.S. Duvall
George W. R. Stokes George W. R. Stokes 18521916Ella Gartrell
Marion Strauch Marion Strauch 18951980Buchanan Hill
Ann Taliaferro Stribling Ann Taliaferro Stribling 21 DEC 18178 JUN 1854James J. Miller
J. William Strobel J. William Strobel 18671933Rebecca Lee Brown
Harriet Stuart Harriet Stuart 01/20/181212/09/1881Edmund Pendleton Barbour
Louisa Stuart Louisa Stuart 1 JAN 182118 OCT 1885Marshall Brown
Sophie Clarkson Stuart Sophie Clarkson Stuart 22 SEP 188012 SEP 1953Robert Somervell Beale
Noah H. Swayne Noah H. Swayne 27 DEC 18048 JUN 1884Sarah Ann Wager
Joseph Hancock Taylor Joseph Hancock Taylor 26 JAN 183613 MAR 1885Mary Montgomery Meigs
Brig Gen Joseph Pannell Taylor Brig Gen Joseph Pannell Taylor 179629 JUL 1864Eveline Aurilla McLean
Margaret Haines Thompson Margaret Haines Thompson DEC 183518 MAR 1910Johnson V. D. Middleton
Sarah Eliza Thompson Sarah Eliza Thompson 181425 JAN 1902Eli Duvall
Mary Hammond Todd Mary Hammond Todd 26 DEC 18432 SEP 1854
Thomas H. G. Todd Thomas H. G. Todd 28 NOV 184015 NOV 1913
William Balch Todd William Balch Todd 31 DEC 180912 MAR 1873Elizabeth Gilliss
Helen C. Tompkins Helen C. Tompkins 5 JAN 185128 AUG 1930Henry Randall Elliott
Laura Salome Trunnel Laura Salome Trunnel 3 JUL 18371 NOV 1870Cornelius A. Offutt
Clara M. Tulloss Clara M. Tulloss 18831974Mortimer C. Lyddane
William Wadden Turner William Wadden Turner 181029 NOV 1859Mary Meade Randolph
James Noble Tyner James Noble Tyner 17 JAN 18265 DEC 1904Christine Hinds
James Otey Urquhart James Otey Urquhart 19101987Adair Childress
Henrietta Pechin Van Dyke Henrietta Pechin Van Dyke 29 SEP 180531 AUG 1882Daniel Wesley Middleton
Ann Elbertina Van Ness Ann Elbertina Van Ness 12 JUN 180322 NOV 1893Arthur Middleton
Dora Varney Dora Varney 3 NOV 185028 AUG 1923Alfred Mordecai
Nellie Vinson Nellie Vinson 18771959John Wesley Beall