Garages and Car Sales

In 1910 H.B. KISNER was the agent for Regal autos.MILLER and AHRENS were his competitors selling the Imperial.  These cars were advertised that they were designed for strength, refinement and durability and would run over the worst American road.  Theodore ROST was the mechanic for MILLER and AHRENS.  In 1912 Herman KISNER purchased MILLER Bros. Garage.  August MILLER remained here in the machine shop, his brother went to Heron Lake.  This same year Mr. J.C. AHRENS was an agent for Maxwell cars, a 36-H.P. special for $1,480.

Henry ANDERSON sold M.M. Motorcycles in 1911.  He had one to use as a demonstrator.  In 1913 J.C. AHRENS was also a Buick salesman.  The following year H.B. KISNER built a garage, 52 x 112 feet, made of cement block.  His brother, Albert, came to join him in the garage.

By this time AHRENS was selling Oldsmobiles and Nick KAUFMAN had just received a carload of Buicks and Fords.

In 1915 J.E. NEWTON bought KISNER’S garage.  In 1916 he handled the New Overland.  L.P. HANSON and S.O TOW were agents.  The following year D.H. CONNOR of the Farmers State Bank sold Maxwells.  In 1919 the Newton Garage equipment was sold to M.L. NICHOLSON.  Frank DARLING worked there as a mechanic.  The next year NICHOLSON bought the building.  In 1921 Ed HEIN opened up a repair shop so Brewster people had ample place to get their horseless carriages repaired.  In 1922 M.A. SCHEMMEL took over the NICHOLSON garage.  1924 saw two changes, Nick KAUFMAN had a first-class garage with Bob ENSIGN as mechanic and John EBERT ran the former SCHEMMEL establishment.  Frank DARLING worked for John EBERT, then decided to start his own repair shop to be located on the MILLER lots, one block north of the school house.

Clarence OPPEK went to work at the EBERT Garage.  Nick KAUFMAN at this time put in a service gas pump selling White Eagle gasoline.  In 1925 Fred DOLLY came from Okabena to work at EBERTS and Peter ANDERSON, local drayman, made a change in occupation and worked for the KAUFMAN Garage, Frank DARLING did likewise.  In 1929 Pete ANDERSON and PETERSON moved to the Lyric Theater Building.  In 1932 Ernest HABERMAN was a general mechanic at ANDERSON’S Tire and Battery Station located in the old theater building.  In this same year John GARMER of Clearbrook, Minnesota, opened up a general auto repair shop in the KAUFMAN building.

In 1933 there was a fire at the ANDERSON Garage.  Pete credits L.E. JOHNSON for saving his life.  Mr. JOHNSON saw Pete fall as he crawled out of the smoke filled coal shutte (sic) window.  Pete became unconscious.  Mr. JOHNSON came to his aid, and the fire was brought under control by the Department.  Amos POWELL repaired the building known as the SMITH Building and John EBERT moved to the main street location while ete moved to the building formerly occupied by EBERT.

In 1934 Paul SEVERSON and ANDERSON ran the garage, in ’35 SEVERSON operated it.

In 1934 Elmer STENLUND from Leonard, Minnesota, came to help John GARMER.

In 1937 after John EBERT was appointed postmaster, he had an auction sale on his garage tools and the balance of his equipment.  This building became MILLER’S Café.

Frank KRUKEMEYER was employed at GARMER’S in 1937 and 1938, also Vince COTTER who is now a partner.  In 1938 under the guidance of R.V. BERREAU the garage was remodeled to match the RILEY Oil Station.  It was then covered with metal.  After the oil station moved to its new location, that part of the building was made over into a modern apartment.

Gay GRAF was employed at the SEVERSON Garage in the fall of 1945.  After Mr. SEVERSON’S death in 1947, Gay took over the business and is its manager in 1958.  Bob VAN WESTON is employed at GRAF’S Garage at present.

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