AUSTIN Brothers ran a hardware in a building no longer here. It stood about where the present home of Robert KNITTEL is.

In 1903 KRUKEMEYER and DUBA bought out the AUSTIN Bros. and moved into the P.J. SILVER Building. Barney sold his share and the hardware was known as DUBA and DUBA. In 1906 Pat SILVER, owner of the brick building traded with August WILSON for a farm near St. James, but as WILSON wanted the building only for an investment DUBA and DUBA remained in it. In 1907 F.D. WELLS bought Leon MORRIS’S interest in the Brewster Hardware and following this bought out DUBA. John DUBA remained as clerk. The following year B.T. MCCHESNEY and J.G. HENDERSON opened a hardware store. They purchased the hardware supplies of the merchantile store, but sold in 1909 to F.C. AHRENS. In 1911 F.C. AHRENS sold to SIEVERT and AHRENS.

In 1911 John GIESSEL and WEAVER moved his harness shop to the south and doubled its size by putting an addition on the north to have harness and hardware.

In 1912 Andrew COWHAN was the successor to F.D. WELLS. George E. HAGERMAN opened a store selling groceries, general hardware and gas engines. In 1916 we had the J.C. MAHONEY Hardware with A.W. REMPLE harness maker. John DUBA worked at MAHONEY’S but resigned and G.W. COOK of Hutchinson was plumber and steamfitter. In 1918 Felix BEECHAM worked for MAHONEY. This same year F.D. WELLS opened up a plumbing, heating and repair shop in the present KRUKEMEYER building. In 1919 after being here almost four years, MAHONEY sold to the CLARK Hardware. Mr. George BOLEY of Wisconsin came to be manager.

In 1920 Frank O. SWAIN was the successor to GIESSEL. Grace ADKINS was clerk. In 1921 Fred VOGEL bought this concern. VOGEL’S did car painting and incidentally Mrs. VOGEL conducted painting and art classes for the ladies of Brewster.

In 1922 Andrew ALLEN quit work at the CLARK Hardware to work for the Telephone Company and Mr. DUNCAN took his place. In 1924 Mr. L. GRIER of Lake Wilson came to manage CLARK Hardware and in the same year H.O. LESTICO bought the VOGEL Hardware. John DUBA worked for Mr. LESTICO. In 1927 CLARK Hardware closed out and Brewster had but two hardware stores. In 1945 LESTICO sold to HOYT. Bob WALDE was his helper. In 1946 the concern was sold to Helmer O. EVERSON and Eldon C. PAAPE. Two years later Helmer bought out the PAAPE share. Phil LOWE has worked here since 1949.

In 1948 Bud WEINANDT purchased the WEY Hardware. Mr. WEY went to Hancock, Minnesota, where he ran a pool hall. Mr. WEY was one of the pioneers in business in Brewster being a cream buyer, shoe and harness repairer, grocer-hardware proprietor and in the early days did picture framing in the same building his wife ran a millinery shop. In 1950 Bud WEINANDT built a block warehouse and garage. He was in partnership with Edison JACKSON for Marvel Gas. However, they dissolved partnership and JACKSON moved to the building formerly Bud’s Café.

In 1954 WEINANDT tore down the old building which adjoined his present hardware. The old building had served as a social center in the pioneer days.

In 1957 WEINANDT opened a Standard Oil Station in connection with his hardware. At present besides Mr. and Mrs. WEINANDT, Earl KUNERTH is employed here.

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