Drum Corps

The Drum Corps was organized under Legion sponsorship and after six months training under the able direction of W.J. MURPHY the Corps was ready to appear in public in 1941.  The Drum major was Leone KNUTH and majorettes, Ardella KRAFT and Irene BAUCHLE.  The officers in 1941 were Lorraine NUSSER, president; Mary WEY, vice president; Phyllis BAUMAN, secretary, Ceona GRIMSTAD, treasurer, Lorena MITTLESTAD, reporter.

The girls became self supporting in a number of ways.  The cost of instruments, music, uniforms and boots is a large amount without considering the cost of transportation, meals and housing while on trips.

The girls served a pancake supper, to their parents, to raise money.  They had movies at the Legion Hall every Saturday night.

Clint PETERSON and Virgil SMITH assisted Mr. MURPHY with the Corps.  Mrs. Julia WEY and Mrs. Lorena BAUCHLE had charge of the uniforms and they were kept in immaculate condition.

In 1942 the girls put on a minstrel show known as “The Lazy Moon Minstrels” sponsored food sales and operated the free shows sponsored by the local merchants.  By this time the girls were being well paid for their performances and were able to lay aside money after expenses were paid on every appearance.  In 1942 the girls went to Duluth for the state Legion Convention.  They stayed at the Brighton Beach Cabin Camp, operated by the city of Duluth.  For the 40 and 8 parade the girls had white nurses uniforms and caps, the three majorettes were a soldier, a sailor and Uncle Sam.  The equipment was transported by Wm. LANGHOLTZ.  The girls went in a bus driven by Mr. and Mrs. Jon PEDERSON of Fulda.

The chaperones included Mrs. Herman NUSSER, Mrs. Virgil SMITH and Mrs. W.J. MURPHY.

Charles DEMPEWOLF, Jr. took Clint PETERSON’S place.  Dr. GRUYE of Worthington assisted at rehearsals while “Murph” attended summer school.

According to the judges score sheets the girls were given an 89 plus rating, second only to the Men’s Corps of Ely who scored 93.  For inspection of uniforms the girls received 94.7 out of 100; drumming 184 out of 200; general effect 94 out of 100; cadence 96 out of 100; marching and maneuvering 273 out of 300; bugles 153 out of 200.  There were 32 girls and 3 majorettes in the marching unit, who brought home $344 in prize money.  These girls really put Brewster on the map and we were justly proud of them. The drum majorette and welcome to ‘Brewster, Home of the Girls Drum and Bugle Corps’ sign was erected after the girls attained fame.

In 1943 the girls had 3 uniforms, the cossack, blue and gold; the Red Cross Nurse Victory uniform, The Foreign Legion, maroon and gray.

The girls also had a color guard, the colors were presented to them by James MCGEE, Spanish American war veteran. A Glockenspiel was added to the equipment.

In 1944 the girls had bookings that brought in over $1,000.

In 1947 Mr. MURPHY came back to Brewster to help get the girls ready for the State contest.  The girls won 1st, bringing home $450. They were also presented music, an original composition by William WOODARD, Chicago, Illinois, composer. The personnel and majorettes changed with the years, but the quality of the Corps remains the same.

In 1948 the girls attended “The Days of the Roaring Stony” at Ely.  Chaperones included Mrs. Harry KRAFT, Mrs. Leo SCHNEIDER, Mr. and Mrs. Bob WILCOX and the ladies were in charge of uniforms.  In 1948 the girls won 2nd at the State convention. They added Pirate uniforms for the 40 and 8 parade.  They were rated superior to any Corps in marching.

In 1950 Arnold ALSTAD helped with drilling.  Mr. MOELLER assisted for a while in recent years and Virgil SMITH is still on the job, being the present director.

The Corps today is made up of 35 girls with three majorettes, Margaret BOHN, Lois REECEY and Karen WILDANGER. The officers are: Shirley MEYER, president; Norma PEIL, vice president; Sandra WAKEMAN, secretary; Rose KNITTEL, treasurer.  The girls have one uniform, their red skirts and blue tops and three hats, the overseas, the sailor and the pill box.  They hope to be able to get new uniforms in the very near future. They have recently painted their drums and are busy rehearsing for the summer season.  Among the summer engagements are Lafayette, Medelia, Cloquet and Orange City.

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