Doctors & Dentists

The first doctor we have on record is a Dr. GOTTHELF leaving here in 1876.  He ran a hotel and took care of small veterinary practice. Others say he prescribed remedies for humans.  This is all hearsay and no one has an authoritive report.  Dr. Peter GEYERMAN was our first of the medical profession of which I read.  He left Brewster to go to Worthington to practice and through a misunderstanding two doctors arrived, each to replace him.  Dr. KRANZ and Dr. R.G. STEAVENS came and located in the front rooms upstairs in the SILVER building (Sam PALMERS’).  In the same year, 1905, Dr. NESSA came to replace STEAVENS. In 1908 Dr. NESSA moved his office to the MANUEL building (SWEENEY’S) next to the post office.  During Dr. NESSA’S absence that year Dr. HEINEN of Heron Lake stayed in the office.  In 1908 Dr. NESSA sold his practice and fixtures to Dr. C.D. RICHMOND.  Two years later Dr. F.M. MANSON of Worthington came to Brewster as Dr. RICHMOND suffered a severe attack of inflammatory rheumatism.

Dr. NESSA gained a helper at Sioux Falls in the person of James MCGEE in 1910, but Jim soon tired of his work at the hospital, mostly because he was lonesome for the place he had spent the past twenty-one years.

In 1911 Dr. RICHMOND gave up his practice at Brewster and went to Windom, where his practice did not involve so many country calls.  After this Dr. NESSA of Sioux Falls called on Saturday each week.  Drs. MORK and WEIDOW visited the Park Hotel on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

In 1911 Dr. P.R. FULTON of Minneapolis rented the rooms of Dr. RICHMOND next to the post office.  He departed and Dr. T.A. MAHAR, who practiced the past five years in Iowa, came to Brewster. 

A Dr. G.F. WALTER was to come but decided to locate in Minneapolis instead.  At least he had a choice between two thriving cities!

In 1912 Dr. MAHAR moved his offices above the HAGERMAN store formerly occupied by the Brewster Land Company. The Land Company moved their offices to the back room on the same floor.  In 1917 Dr. MAHAR gave up the practice of medicine and worked in the post office.

Again in 1918 Dr. MORK came to Brewster, Monday, Thursday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.  Calls were left at the drug store.

In 1919 Dr. J.W. DOYLE of Minneapolis, an army doctor, came to the Park Hotel.  He secured office space in the Brewster Lumber Co. and his residence was at Albert BAUMGARD’S.

In 1920 Dr. B.O. MORK or Dr. WATSON came to the drug store on Monday and Thursday of each week.

In 1921 Dr. I.D. TIEDEMAN, Heron Lake, came to Brewster on Wednesdays and Sundays 9 to 11 a.m.

In 1922 Dr. Sherman RIPPERTON rented rooms above the CLARK Hardware (EVERSON’S) and had an office there. The next year Dr. RIPPERTON and children moved back to Wyndmere, South Dakota, his wife having passed away while here at Brewster.

Dr. TIEDEMAN of Heron Lake made regular visits here.  Doctors from the Worthington Clinic took turns coming to the drug store each morning at 10 a.m.

In 1926 Dr. C.L. WARREN practiced in Brewster, office above the hardware.

In 1932 Dr. HALPERN, of Battle Lake came to open his office in the GEYERMAN Building.  He later moved to the old GEYERMAN residence, two blocks east of the Park Hotel.

In 1939 he moved to his new bungalow where his office is at the present 1958.  Dr. HALPERN has been in our midst the past twenty-six years, has seen many of our children draw their first breath and many friends and relatives the last.  He’s been “Uncle Doc” to many a child who has gone to him for shots of various kinds.  We are most fortunate to have a capable doctor in our village.

In 1916 Dr. F.M. SHOUSH, Jr., D.O. Osteopathic physician was in Brewster Mondays and Fridays from 7:30 a.m. until noon.

In 1919 Dr. Wm. M. SCHOLL, recognized authority, was at GEYERMAN’S store in December.

In 1924 Dr. George DETWILER, chiropractor, came to the hotel here.

In 1906 Dr. SIMPSON, eye specialist, came to Brewster every six weeks.  He did this for many years.

In 1916 Dr. S.J. TIELISCH, Windom eye specialist, came to the hotel on Monday, every fourth week.  Dr. R.W. LOWRY came to the hotel every two weeks, thus people had an ample opportunity to get glasses fitted.

In 1921 Dr. C.R. STANLEY, eye specialist, came to the drug store from 9:00 a.m. until noon.  Also Drs. MCLEOD and CURRY of Windom were at the hotel on Mondays.

Dr. C.L. BURRILL, dentist, came to Brewster in the early 1900’s.  In 1906 his office was with Dr. NESSA, on the second and fourth Saturday of each month.

In 1921 Dr. C.A. FODNESS was at the Brewster Hotel every Thursday.

In 1922 a Dr. ANDERSON did dental work at the CLARK Hardware.

In 1932 Dr. James A. PLORDE of Dunnell, Minnesota opened office with Dr. HALPERN in GEYERMAN’S Store Building. He moved his office and residence to the GEYERMAN residence, where both doctors had offices.  He remained here until 1939 when he moved to Fairmont and is there at the present writing.

In 1939 Dr. A.K. MACH located in the building occupied by Dr. PLORDE.  In 1940 he moved to rooms over LESTICO’S Hardware.  In 1944 Dr. MACH went to Minneapolis and Brewster has been without a dentist since then.

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