On May 4, 1906 Mrs. A.W. WELLS presented her first piano recital in Brewster. L.A. GREGORY came here from Adrian to tune pianos.

In 1911 Mrs. WELLS gave piano lessons in Heron Lake Wednesdays thru Friday each week.

In 1907 Miss GREEN of Windom, a violin teacher, came on Fridays.

In 1911 Mrs. GREGORY gave violin and piano lessons at the Hotel. We also had a Wildberton GOULD, who taught various instruments.

In 1913 Mrs. George WOHLRABE gave piano and organ lessons at the home of Rev. MUELLER on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

In 1915 Mrs. Wilhelm SCHROEDER gave piano lessons. She also played professional engagements. Mr. SCHROEDER conducted a violin and vocal class. In this year, the music at the movies was furnished by Fred CASPAR and Mildred GRAY.

In 1920 Mr. BEAUSHARD came to tune pianos. In ’21 Irvin A. HIRSHEY gave violin, clarinet and saxophone lessons. In 1926 Mr. BRISBANE came to tune pianos.

In 1932 Julia SEVERSON gave vocal and instrumental lessons. In this year, a men’s chorus was organized with Julia SEVERSON directing. Miss Gert REMPLE was the accompanist. The chorus sang on the KSOO radio, singing, “Aunt Jeremiah,” “Drink to me only with Thine Eyes,” and “Ain’t Gonna Study War No More.” Harley WING played a coronet solo. In the fall of ’32 Gert REMPLE was the director. Again in 1938, the chorus was revived under the leadership of a committee made up of George WEILER, Henry WEAVER and Clint WILCOX. Miss FOSSUM directed. In 1939 the director was Bob WILCOX.

In 1932 Elizabeth BEHRENDS gave a concert on KSOO radio. She started giving piano lessons in 1930 and still continues in this capacity. She also is an accordion instructor.

In 1936 Leone KNUTH gave piano lessons.

At present, Mrs. A.L. WELLS, Joan NELSON and Elizabeth BEHRENDS are piano instructors. Mrs. WELLS still maintains a large class after preparing her first Brewster pupils for a recital 52 years ago!

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