In early years the pioneer families took care of the ills of their own families. The strangest cure that was told to me was when an animal became ill and was especially fatigued, the owner put a slit on the top portion of the tail and filled it with salt. It was said to pep the animal up and I dare say, I think it would!

Various oils, epsom salts and patent medicines as gall cures all served their purposes well.

Dr. GOTHELF, at one time proprietor of the Brewster Hotel (1876) went out to the homesteads and doctored animals.

In later years Ed SMITH, the grandfather of Wm. And Joe SMITH, went to neighbors to help with their animal ills. He was not a Veterinarian but had a special knack and seemed to be able to find causes and prescribe successful cures. His fame spread and he traveled many miles in this capacity. At first licensed vets had to be secured by nearby towns.

Our first resident veterinarian came in 1915. Dr. EXTON had his office over MAHONEY Hardware. In 1916 he moved to the back room of Fred BRIGHT’S barber shop. He was called into service and returned in 1919 with offices in the Wiley Lane Building. In 1924 he left for LaCrosse, Wisconsin. He came back in 1925 but the next year located in Adel, Iowa.

After he left Dr. KINSMAN came to Brewster on Tuesday and Friday mornings. Farmers left orders at the drug store.

In 1926 Dr. C.A. HAUSCHEN of Emmetsburg, Iowa, a graduate of the school at Ames opened offices in the Wells Building. He built a one-story building forty feet in length with front office and laboratory in back between the bank and EBERT’S Garage. The work was done by Wm. BUSCH. Dr. HAUSCHEN died in 1939.

In 1939 Dr. E.J. MCCAUSLAND, who practiced for the past thirteen years at Lake Park, Iowa, came to Brewster. In 1942 he was called to active duty with the U.S. Army. In 1943 the farmers and businessmen sent a petition asking for his release.

In 1943 Dr. F.H. BARTOL of Chisholm set up practice at MCCAUSLAND’S office. In 1944 he went to work at Willmar. Dr. A.P. ANTROINEN, who had recently been employed at the Federal Government whose home was originally at Princeton, Minnesota, took over the business here.

In 1945 Dr. E.J. MCCAUSLAND returned and is our present veterinarian in 1958.

After his return he had as a helper here for a period of time Dr. Charles PAGE who is now practicing at Odebolt, Iowa.

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