In 1939 John SOKOLIK, Lakefield baker, operated a Bake Shop in the KRUKEMEYER Building.  Fresh baked goods were trucked daily from Lakefield.

In 1947 LANNING’S leased ½ of the SILVER building to operate a bakery.  They also carried a small grocery line.  They were forced to quit due to the poor health of Mrs. LANNING.

In the same year, Mr. Ray ELLIS of Westbrook, originally from Spencer, Iowa, bought the Bakery.  However, he discontinued the grocery line. Mr. ELLIS installed a new bakers’ oven and put in a coffee bar where he served baked goods and coffee.  Mrs. ELLIS was born in Iceland and talked with the brogue of her native land. She spoke at some of the local clubs, telling about the food, climate, clothing and customs of Iceland.

In 1948 a Bakery was again opened by Melvin SYLVESTERMel and Eleanor gave coupons at their “Grand Opening” for free coffee and doughnuts to be used at either CARLSON’S or KOLANDER’S.  The bakery was doing a flourishing business as the SYLVESTER’S were good bakers and expert decorators.  However, the bakery was completely destroyed by the fire in 1949 and was not rebuilt.  Mel worked for a while at the Worthington bakery and then went to Litchfield, where he has been employed at the bakery for a number of years.

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