Harness Shops and Shoe Repair

In 1903 STIBAL Bros. ran a harness shop. They sold collars, dusters, fly nets, liniment and gall cures in addition to harness and harness repair.

In 1905 Ed MILBRATH ran GIESSELS harness shop, while GIESSEL was in Europe. In 1907 STIBALS carried a good line of Bishop fur robes in gray goat or grizzly bear. The same year T.A. THORSTENSON leased the store and in addition stocked notions and bought cream.

In 1910 the OPPEL Bros. ran a shoe repair shop in the old GEYERMAN building.

In 1911 E.C. MILBRATH closed his shop and moved to Okabena as he felt the territory was too small for two shops.

John H. WILL of Minneapolis rented the rear of the Tribune building (old MANUEL Saloon) and opened a harness and repair shop. He repaired shoes and harness and urged people to have their side curtains repaired before winter.

In 1922 John WILL moved to Worthington. Dennis SILVER ran the Harness Shop. In 1925 Carl LEYDEN of Round Lake purchased it.

In 1942 Lloyd POTTER who formerly operated a shoe repair shop in Worthington, opened a shop in the A.L. WELLS building.

John WEY did harness and shoe repairing as early as 1915. In 1924 he retired from shoe repairing but in 1939 resumed it. He continued in the business until his store was sold in 1948.

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