Dray & Livery

In 1903 Ernest PHILLIPS had a livery and stable.  Ed STARNER sold his dray line to E.C. PHILLIPS and Paul KRUEMLING, the business was known and PHILLIPS and KRUEMLING and the Brewster Dray Line.

In 1904 Chris LIEN sold his share in the dray line to his partner, T.J. MCCALL.  Shortly before this, Chris delivered the old printing press, sold by the ‘Brewster Tribune’ to Alpha, Minn.

In 1905 T.J. MCCALL leased his line to Chas. HARTHUNE.  John WEINANDT worked for him.  HARTHUNE advertised he had rigs of all kinds at reasonable rates.

In 1906 the barn behind the Park Hotel, formerly owned by WEINANDT and MCCALL, was purchased by Pat MCCALL and moved to his farm.

In 1906 Gus BOLDT a local drayman, left for Iowa and the paper of that year stated Henry PINZ was rustling freight, smashing trunks and shoveling coal.

In 1907 Robert ERICSON bought the dray line from Chas. HARTHUNE, Ed OLSON was in charge of the work.  In 1908 Matt WEINANDT did draying for Ed, and the following year Ed built a large livery barn.

In 1907 the Henry OLSON Dray line was sold to George UDEN.  In 1908 Ed OLSON broke the axle of his buggy while delivering a man to Miloma. He tied a board under the broken part and made it home safely.  In 1910 Matt WEINANDT resigned and Ed hired Ray CLARK.  In 1911 Mr. OLSON purchased an Imperial Touring Car for his business, must have bought it from MILLER and AHRENS.  In 1912 he took his chauffeur’s examination at Heron Lake.

In 1914 and 1915 Fred BESSER and Ray CLARK had dray lines.  Ray CLARK bought the old barn and lots back of the Hotel of GEYERMAN’S.

In 1915 Joe BISCH worked on the dray line, assisted by Joe WEY.  In 1916 Joe BISCH spent July 4th at Brewster.  In hauling cream to the depot in his new car, he had the misfortune of dumping two cans in the street, spilling one of them. When he got out to pick up the cream his auto ran away but he was able to catch it.  Joe said cream beats oil for the streets but it was a trifle too expensive.

In 1917 a whole dray load of Sears Roebuck catalogues arrived at Brewster.

In 1920 Lew STUDE bought the Brewster Dray Line from Ed OLSON.  It included the dray line, barn and 2 lots.  Mr. OLSON retained the Standard business.

In 1920 Grant PITTMAN had the Red Truck Dray Line.  In 1921 C.E. OBER ran the City Dray Line.  Frank HOFFMASTER and a Mr. AYERS worked for him.  In 1923 Pete ANDERSON bought the City Dray from Claud OBER.  In 1924 Pete’s headquarters were at the Lbr. yard.  Also in 1924 Herman KAATZ advertised for hauling of all kinds. Orders were to be left at the ‘Tribune’ office.

In 1921 Carl POSORSKI did teaming, hauling coal for 40 cents a ton.  How often Carl’s faithful horse, Dick, disappeared from where Carl had left him, might well be found out at the Brewster Lumber Co.

Ray CLARK continued in the draying business, tho’ to a somewhat smaller degree in later years, for his entire lifetime.

Truckers, who were in business for a period of years were: Joe WEY, Orville WAKEMAN, Owen SIEBRING and Frank BAUCHLE.  There were many who were in the business for periods of shorter duration.

Peter WESTHAUSER does hauling of odds and ends at present.

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