Arnold Cemetery List and Photos

Special thanks to Duffie & Kathy for permission to use their info and pictures on the site.

This cemetery was read in Jan 1992 by Evelyn Cole & Roberta Doty.
Only 2 marked burials were notated at that time. They had no idea what the name of it was, so they called it Light House Cemetery, as it is located on the grounds of the Light House of Jesus Christ Pentecostal Church.

Their notations were "There are only four graves here, but it is a nice, small (80 x 140 feet) cemetery. There is a cyclone fence around it. It is located on the north side of US Highway 190 about two miles east of Merryville.

Arnold, C A  Avon May 10, 1916  Dec 24, 1998   (Clarence Avon) s/o John & Zadie Bailey Arnold
Arnold, Katherine  Harvey Oct 29, 1934  Dec 12, 2001   w/o C A Arnold
Arnold, Charles Wilson Aug 23, 1914  Aug 7, 1979  CPL US Marine Corps WWII s/o John &  Zadie Bailey Arnold
Arnold, Margaret S Oct 10, 1911  Jul 14, 1976   w/o Charles Wilson Arnold