Old Campground Cemetery List

Old Campground Cemetery was established in 1820, according to the historical sign at the entrance, when this part of the parish was part of the Neutral Strip. Although it is the oldest cemetery in Beauregard Parish, most of the earliest burials are obviously not marked and probably lost. This historic old cemetery lies west of Sugartown off LA Hwy. 112 in the extreme northwest corner of Beauregard Parish. From the junction of LA Hwy. 112 & 113 in Sugartown, go 1.0 miles west on Hwy. 112. Turn South at the first right turn near the Pentecostal Church and continue for approximately one mile. Turn left onto Old Campground Cemeteries Road (unimproved road). Continue past the large fenced New Campground Cemetery until the road ends at the old Campground Church. The cemetery is fenced and to the front of the church. There are only a few tombstones, but a large area inside the fence probably has the unmarked burials of many of the older settlers in this area. Tombstone inscriptions were recorded as approached from inside the front gate from the road to the woods by Jane P. McManus, 18 March 1998.

Talton, Lillie H. 19 Dec 1884 / 2 Aug 1913
Harper, Urana S. 29 Dec 1864 / 28 Jun 1910
Harper, Hardy 29 Dec 1905 / 29 Sep 1906
Harper, Lenard 10 Sep 1895 / 25 Jul 1896 [unmarked infant concrete slab no information]
Schysm [sic], Ruth H. 7 Jul 1886 / 4 Jul 1917 [near the road East of the front gate with identical small markers on concrete slabs]
Sigler, James M. 18 Nov 1822 / 24 Dec 1892 "Gone Home to Rest"
Sigler, Maryann 30 Aug 1830 / 15 Oct 1911 "Asleep in Jesus"
Double slab with 2 small markers old metal/glass marker for James is still readable, although replaced by new stone
Sigler, Dr. W. A. died 19 Apr 1891, 31 yrs 10 mos & 17 das [Masonic Emblem] "His many virtues for the noblest monument to his memory"
Baggett, Rebecca Jane Sigler 13 Aug 1830 / 18 Aug 1886
Williams?, Eugenia? born Feb ? / died Nov. 1880 [almost unreadable metal marker] "Asleep with ?" [2 unreadable metal markers with missing identification plates no information]
Baggett, Andrew B. 14 Apr 1815 / 16 Nov 1899 [Masonic Emblem] "His toils are past, his work is done, He fought the fight, the victory won"
Baggett, Mrs. L. A. 16 Nov 1849 / 9 Mar 1926 "A tender Mother & faithful friend"
Baggette, Thomas D. 3 Apr 1847 / 29 Jan 1880 [Masonic Emblem] Married 17 Mar 1869 to Mrs. Lidia Perkins "Gone but not forgotten"
Baggette, Monroe P., son of Thomas & Lidia Baggette 11 May 1876 / 13 Jul 1890 "Sleep on dear child & take thy rest, in Jesus Arms ---" [cracked & repaired]
4 stones together in center area
Nolen, Pinkrow, son of M&M M. T. Nolen 23 Apr 1882 / 30 Aug 1884 "Gone but not forgotten"
Nolen, Infant daughter of M&M M. T. Nolen b&d 27 Feb 1879 "Only sleeping"
Nolen, Infant son of M&M M. T. Nolen b&d 17 Oct 1889 "Only sleeping"
Nolen, Infant daughter of M&M M. T. Nolen b&d 3 Jun 1899 "Only Sleeping"
4 stones together on left side of gate
Caraway, James Madison son of Lydia & Charles B. Caraway 16 Aug 1870 / 13 Sep 1876 "Our darling has gone before to greet us on the blissful shore"
Jones, Caroline Jelks 1820 / 1884
Jones, William 1805 / 1865
Double Stone