Lone Oak Cemetery List

This is a private family cemetery located next to Carol Bodine's Care Shed. It is located 1/2 mile from US 190. Turn north about 4 miles east of Ragley at the Care Shed sign. There is also a sign for Magnolia Church.
The cemetery is shaded with oak trees, and is centered with a flag pole. There are no back fences, but it is well kept. At this time, there are only three graves.
Listing Compiled by Evelyn E. Cole and Roberta B. Doty October 3, 1992

VERRETT, ALLAN D JUL 23 1964 JUL 15 1989 [A Watkins Grandson] [Allan was killed in an auto accident in _______ and was transported home by his Mother]
WATKINS, ANDREW C FEB 21 1914 MAR 9 1989 [FATHER] [Founder of this cemetery]
GRAVE, INFANT SIZE [Mrs. Andrew Watkins told us this was her child]