Cole Cemetery List

Read by Jack and Evelyn Cole July 25 1999
This is a small cemetery which has been in use since the early 1900s. It eluded us by seeming to be in Calcasieu Parish when in truth it is in Beauregard Parish. Carole Dowers assured us by e-mail that it was in Beauregard Parish. She lived next door to it as a child and had to go to school in Ragley because she lived in Beauregard Parish. From Highway 90 in DeQuincy travel east about 4 miles to Pete Gimnick Road (there is a blue sign for Cole Cemetery), turn north and follow Pete Gimnick road 3.6 miles. The most traveled direction will turn onto Royer Lane but you will go straight on for another block or so on Pete Gimnick Road which dead ends at Cole Cemetery.
Cole Cemetery is set in a wooded area but you can see homes nearby with dogs barking now and then.
Pictures used with permission from Anna Dunn

Cole, Kirby Fd. Jun 23, 1999 age 75 US Army Air Corps WWII
Ritter, Kinsey L 21-May 1934 26-Nov 1997
Mitchell, Esto B 1883 1953
Mitchell, Celest 1883 1957
Area marked off with pipe with 2 graves. Funeral Home markers are no longer readable. Two small wooden crosses with the names:
Cornelius Delbert Dec 7, carved into one
James Edwin carved into the other
Spell, Cornelius Delbert b&d Dec 21, 1971 s/o Doris & Richard Spell
Alston, James Edwin b&d Jun 5, 1950 eighth child of Edwin & Viola Alston
Alston, Mattie Viola NOV 19 1910 3-May 1940 next to William T Alston
Alston, William Thomas 21-Jun 1890 13-Aug 1954 next to Mattie Viola Alston Pvt MD WWI
Royer, Louis C 21-Sep 1869 14-Oct 195? Snider Funeral Home of DeQuincy [Enclosed within landscape timbers with another grave marked C.C. remaining info unreadable]
?? One grave enclosed within a border of landscape timbers
Thomason, Emma Alston 1-Oct 1882 2-Dec 1955 next to Jim H Thomason
Thomason, James "Jim" H 15-Aug 1856 27-Sep 1949 next to Emma [Alston] Thomason
?? Baby sized grave inclosed with landscape timbers
Alston, Edna 15-Apr 1910 4-Oct 1910
Stout, Robert F 31-Dec 1902 17-Jan 1946 h\o Lillie M Stout
Stout, Lillie M 27-Dec 1909 23-Dec 1991 w\o Robert F Stout [Funeral Home marker indicates 1990]
Rigmaiden, S next to Cathrine Cole [ no other info]
Cole, Cathrine 15-Sep 1844 20-Aug 1918 next to S. Rigmaiden
Alston, Hesteran L 30-Jan 1867 24-Sep 1901
McLeod, J W 12-Mar 1847 11-Jul 1912
McLeod, J.M. "Jim" 27-Apr 1886 30-May 1928 [Daddy]
Royer, John A 4-Mar 1882 12-Oct 1909 age 27 years 7 months 8 days s\o J.L. and Cornelia Royer
Royer, Delphine A Feb 18 1873 12-Jan 1958 w\o T.E. Royer
Royer, T.E. 5-Mar 1861 16-Nov 1923 h\o Delphine A Royer
Royer, Albert Dewey 23-Nov 1933 1-Apr 1934 next to T.E. and Delphine A Royer
Royer, Manuel T Oct 19 1903 20-Feb 1964 h\o Zaddie L Royer [Funeral Home marker indicates date 1965 for death]
Baggett, Mary Alston 15-Jul 1888 15-Mar 1973
Royer, James L 28-Aug 1855 Feb 18 1923
Double grave area inclosed in landscape timbers
Double grave area inclosed by pipe
Davis, Cora d. Dec-05 Age 82
Drake, Ronnie Lee 1953 11-Jan-08
Kibodeaux, Irene Thomason Apr 15, 1926 2-Aug-05