Red Hill Cemetery List

Listing Compiled by Roberta B. Doty and Evelyn E. Cole January 22, 1993

This a lovely little cemetery on a small hill in the piney woods west of De Ridder. Two tall pine trees mark the location on the east and west. In recent years, someone has placed a cyclone fence around it and is taking care of it physically. It looks very nice, and the person who is responsible is to be commended.
We aren't even going to try to give the location since we had to go through private property to get to it. If you have a good reason to go to it, please contact the compilers of this listing. Suffice to say it is in the Red Hill community north of US 190.

HASSEL, --- Slain 186_
McGEE, JOSEPH 1810 186_
McGEE, POLLY (YOUNG) 1814 186_
McGEE, (female) 186_
McGEE, (female) 186_
McGEE, (female) 186_
McGEE, Wm "BUD" 1825 186_
McGEE, Wm "BUD" 1846 186_
WELBORN, BENTON 1835 1857 [headstone has western motif]
WELBORN, WILLIAM BROWN II 1807 1840 [old west motif] h\o ELIZABETH ILES m-SEP 1 1836

Historical note: The McGees and Hassels were all slain in 186_.
The 1860 Calcasieu Parish, LA census lists Joseph McGee, age 50, born in Mississippi, farm worker, address Post Office, Beckworth, LA. His household included wife Huldah, age 48, born in Mississippi, and 4 children, Joseph (age 18), Julia (16), John (14), and Josephine (12), all born in Louisiana. Huldah was apparently the Polly (Young) McGee cited above.
The census also lists Ragan McGee, age 35, born in Alabama, teamster, address also PO, Beckworth, LA, with wife Eliza, age 28, and 6 children, William (14), Jeremiah (12), George (9), Sarah (7), Ragan (4), James (1), all born in Louisiana. Charity Hoosier, age 100, born in South Carolina, midwife, is also listed as living in the same household. The older Ragan was apparently the W[illia]m "Bud" McGee, born 1825, cited above, his son William the W[illia]m "Bud" McGee, born 1846.
The surname Hassel does not appear on the 1860 census. None of the above-cited McGees appear on the 1870 Calcasieu Parish census.