Carter Family Cemetery List

Carter Settlement
Around 1900, the Carter family moved to Calcasieu Parish after living in Oklahoma, Missouri, and Texas. They settled about seven miles northeast of Starks just inside the modern boundary of Beauregard Parish in an area which has subsequently become known as the Carter Settlement. As the need arose, the family established a cemetery near their residence. To date, eight members of the family have been buried there. To reach the cemetery, take LA 109 north out of Starks and go about 7 miles to Gene Nelson Road. Take this road to the right and follow it east to the Carter Settlement Road. Turn right and go past the Trahan Loop; the next road to the left should be Carter Cemetery Road. The cemetery is on private property and surrounded by a wire fence.
Listing Compiled by Evelyn E. Cole and Roberta B. Doty
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Updated February 1993
Annotations by La Vaughn H. "LV" Hayes are preceded by LVH.2

CARTER, ANNIE 1880 1905 [LVH: d/o Andrew Jackson and Malinda A. (Allgood) Hollingsworth, w/o William A. Carter]
CARTER, HAZIE 1901 1919 [LVH: s/o William A. and Annie (Hollingsworth) Carter]
CARTER, SARAH [LVH: Sarah Elizabeth Bryant, born 1852, died 1936, d/o William and Rachael (?) Bryant, w/o William Lindsey Carter]
CARTER, W.L. 1848 1904 [LVH: William Lindsey, s/o William Silas and Angeline (Collins) Carter, h/o Sarah Elizabeth Bryant]
CLARK, ROY [LVH: born 16 Feb 1927, died 1927, s/o Cecil and Mary Magdalene (Carter) Clark]
HOLLINGSWORTH, ALTON [LVH: Alton Lee, born 12 Oct 1904, died 1 Oct 1905, s/o Joseph Hartwell and Clara Alice (Carter) Hollingsworth]
HOLLINGSWORTH [LVH: Andrew Jackson, born 1847, died 1917, s/o Jehu and Hundy (Barns) Hollingsworth, h/o Malinda A. Allgood]
HOLLINGSWORTH, GEORGE A 1899 1915 [LVH: George Allen, s/o Joseph Hartwell and Clara Alice (Carter) Hollingsworth]