Nix Ferry Cemetery List and Photos

Listing Compiled by Roberta B. Doty and Evelyn E. Cole 1992
Located in the Southwest corner of Beauregard Parish..........>
Traveling south on Old River Road, we took a right turn on George Windham Road. We suddenly spotted a large sign which said "Nix Ferry Cemetery." Coming to a halt with our eyes searching the slope for a cemetery, we almost missed it; it was right on the roadside. In days gone by, Mr. Wood must have been buried in the nearest available spot---a very lonely spot today. This is a very tiny cemetery---about 7 feet by 4 feet---with a wire and post fence surrounding it.
Yes! You read correctly! There is only one grave there.

N.B. WOOD BORN-MAR 11 1850 DIED-AUG 3 1905

The tombstone was placed in his memory, probably by his son because an inscription on it reads: "At rest dear Father\Waiting for Mother."
The traditional footstone has his initials: N.B.W.
Windham Road takes you to the Sabine River where there are several river camps. Since it is only 6/10 of a mile to the camps, you can see how close to the river it is.
A later note: In a conversation with Bob Shaw, who previously worked for Beauregard Electric Co-op, he related to us that in years gone by, the whole hillside was covered with graves marked with wooden markers. At this time, there are no other tombstones or markers visible after taking a walk among the briars and small pine trees.