Lindsey Cemetery List and Photos

Dry Creek
Established ca 1861
Dry Creek - From La. Hwy. 113 at Dry Creek, go north until La. Hwy. 394, turn left and go 1.1 miles and turn left on the road there, drive four-tenths of a mile then turn left for one-tenth of a mile.Established by Burkitt Lindsey, a Kentuckian, the Lindsey Cemetery still serves the Lindsey family and collateral relations. The earliest marked grave is that of Burkitt's grandson, Luther Miller, who died in 1861. The only known example of a wooden crypt in Imperial Calcasieu exists at this very rural cemetery.
Lindsey Cemetery is one you have to have instructions to find. Starting in Dry Creek, go west on LA 394 to the Dry Creek Baptist Church. Just before you get there, turn south to the first left hand turn. Follow it till you see the sign on the right to the cemetery. It is not advisable to try and find it in rainy or muddy weather. In dry weather, it really isn't a bad road.
This is a really old cemetery with many "lost" graves. Family members have tried to mark known family graves with approximate dates. This is to be commended.

Listing Compiled by Evelyn E. Cole and Roberta B. Doty APR IL 1993
Annotated by Kathy (Markell) Britton and La Vaughn H. "LV" Hayes
James A & Lou Lindsey pictures graciously submitted by Linda Bowden
The Lindsey family reunion and cemetery visit is the last Saturday in September each year.

Burnett, Alfred 1825 1868 [LVH: h/o Julia (?) Burnett]
Dias, Baby  
Dias, Mary 30 years
Farris 196?
Gillie 196? two markers without another name
Hall, Michael George Jan 1 1957 Sep 1 1984
Hall, George Albert Dec 13 1913 Aug 14 1966 MM-Sgt USMar Corp Res WWII
Havens 196?
Havens 196?
Havens, Sabra Ann Jul 8 1914 Aug 4 1882 w\o John Havens [LVH: d/o Henry and Elizabeth (Goff) Fletcher]
Henderson, J.E.B. Nov 1817 Oct 1890 [LVH: James E.B., h/o Martha (?) Henderson]
Hende___, A.A. Apr--- Jul---
Johnson, Eleanor Jenettie Sep 22 A.D. 1807 Jun 29 1892
Johnson, Little Johnnie S Feb 25 1888 Jun 4 1889
Johnson, Little Neville S Sep 27 1889 Nov 3 1890
Jowells 196?
Lindsey, A.B. Mar 9 1851 Mar 11 1930 [LVH: Alexander Bolland, s/o Burkitt W. and Harriet S. (Williams) Lindsey]
Lindsey, Burkitt Oct 9 1809 Aug 1 1894 [age 85y 9m 23d] [LVH: Burkitt W., s/o James and Rachel (?) Lindsey, h/o Harriet S.Williams]
Lindsey, Hulda May 13 1976
Lindsey, James A old headstone Nov 29 1848 Dec 3 1924 h\o Sarah B Lindsey [LVH: James Albert McKindre, s/o Burkitt W. and Harriet S. (Williams)Lindsey]
Lindsey, Lou F Jan 11 1858 Sep 20 1949 [LVH: Louisiana F. "Lou", d/o Burkitt W. and Harriet S. (Williams) Lindsey]
Lindsey, Mary Mar 9 1846 Nov 5 1932[LVH: Mary Aurilla, d/o Burkitt W. and Harriet S. (Williams) Lindsey]
Lindsey, Mary R Jul 27 1882 Oct 27 1884 dau\o J A Lindsey [LVH: d/o James Albert McKindre and Sarah Brownie (Dear) Lindsey]
Lindsey, Oma Green Dec 29 1887 Oct 26 1960 w\o Robert M Lindsey [LVH: Oma LaVonia Green]
Lindsey, R.Mildredge Apr 15 1914 Nov 8 1963 [LVH: Rufus Mildredge, s/o Robert Mannings and Oma LaVonia (Green) Lindsey, h/o Bertha Mae Pickens]
Lindsey, Robert M Nov 29 1887 Aug 18 1976 m-Oma Green Mar 3 1909 [LVH: Robert Mannings, s/o James Albert McKindre and Sarah Brownie(Dear) Lindsey, h/o Oma LaVonia Green]
Lindsey, Rosalie Mar 5 1872 6 mo [LVH: born Sep 23 1871, d/o Asbury Monroe and Ellen Lenora (Bilbo) Lindsey]
Lindsey, Ruth M May 20 1932 ** w\o Willie R Lindsey [LVH: Ruth LaVerne Mosley, w/o Willie Robert Lindsey]
Lindsey, Sarah B Feb 26 1855 Feb 10 1898 w\o James A Lindsey married Dec 16, 1875 [LVH: Sarah Brownie, d/o James W. and Rebecca (Butler) Dear]
Lindsey, Willie R Mar 26 1929 Nov 29 1982 h\o Ruth M Lindsey [LVH: Willie Robert, s/o Robert Mannings and Oma LaVonia (Green)Lindsey]
Lindsey, James Angel Jul 30 1972 [age 1 m] inf\s\o R.B.\Ellen H Lindsey
Miller, Birdie [One day old]
Miller, Elender Jan 4 1831 Apr 19 1912 w\o Thomas H Miller [LVH: Eleanor, d/o Rosier and Lucinda (Wilson) Davis, w/o Thomas HughMiller]
Miller, Jesse [9 Mo]
Miller, Luther Jun 6 1861 [age 10 mo and 10 days][LVH: born Jul 28 1860, s/o John James Wilson and Laura Francine (Lindsey) Miller]
Miller, Thomas H Oct 12 1832 Jan 31 1914 h\o Elender Miller [LVH: Thomas Hugh, s/o John Walter and Samantha (Payne) Miller, h/o Eleanor Davis]
Miller, Tommie [Years]
Miller, Samuel Capus Nov 9 A.D.1860 Nov 12 1894 b-Whistler,AL [Mason] [LVH: s/o Thomas Hugh and Eleanor (Davis) Miller, h/o Lena Cooper]
Mosley, Carl Thomas Oct 15 1938 Oct 23 1990
Mosley, Curtis Dalton 1897 1981 MM-US Navy WWI
Mosley, John Dalton Mar 22 1940 Jul 29 1991
Showe, Bertha L Jan 6 1910 Aug 21 1964 w\o James W Showe [LVH: Bertha Lucille, d/o Robert Mannings and Oma LaVonia (Green) Lindsey, w/o James Warren Showe]
Showe, James W "Jim" Nov 10 1911 Nov 8 1992 h\o Bertha L Showe [Sgt 8th Armored Div USARMY WWI [LVH: James Warren, h/o Bertha Lucille Lindsey]
Williams, Harriett S Oct 30 1814 Jan 29 1883 [LVH: d/o Benjamin and Sarah (Battle) Williams. w/o Burkitt Lindsey]